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Who We Are and Who We’re For

Gurbi is completely down-to-earth and wholeheartedly dedicated to cultivating community through crops (and other tasty goods). We call it soil to social. So, all you gardeners, urban farmers and homesteaders, let's get together and do some trading… oranges for eggs, heirlooms for honey or whatever you grow for whatever you want. Let's do this!

Going Global & Gettin’ Local

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We Need Your Help!

We want to celebrate your green thumbs or help your thumbs get greener. And we'd love everyone to get to know our neighbors more! Please help us grow by sharing Gurbi with your friends and spreading the word on social media. It’s good to grow!

Homegrown to Hungry

Root Cause

If you’re thinking bigger and want to help with our root cause - getting homegrown food to the hungry - post your listings under “come and get it” to connect with local organizations and get your goods to folks that need it. Thank you!

Team Gurbi

Doug Analla

Creative, Curious
& full of Crop

Matt Brown

Advisory Board
Culture, Brand
& Business Leader

Barry Schnitt

Advisory Board
& Community Guru

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